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No pets or tobacco products, duh.

Do not ALWAYS train in front of the goals.

This wears out vital areas of pitch. Instead, work on 1v1 or combination wing play near a touchline, or tackling and passing in the midfield. Also, areas between fields and a couple cones make awesome rectangles for 1v1 - 3v3 games.

Spring and Fall 2011 Game Locations

2011 Fall Field Layout - Midland

  • The U5 and U6 divisions play on U6#1-3.
  • The U8 division play on U8#1-3.
  • The U10 division play on U10#1 or U10#2.
  • The U12 division play on U12#1 or U12#2.
  • The U13 and above divisions play on the U13 field.

Fall 2011 Practice Locations

  • Level 1 U5-U8 @ Collegeville
  • Level 1 U10 @ MIdland
  • Level 2 and Level 3 (Classic) U12 & under @ Midland
  • Level 2 and Level 3 (Classic) U13 & up @ Bishop.
  • Feel free to make other practice location arrangements (i.e. Mills Park, churches, etc.) if necessary.

Locations/Midland Fields

Locations/Collegeville Fields

Locations/Shobe Field

Locations/Boone Road Fields

Locations/Bishop Park

  • Directions to Malvern, White Hall, Sheridan.