When are the playing seasons?

Spring seasons go from March-April to early May, Fall seasons go from September to October, and the 4 week Summer 3v3 season begins in early June.

When is registration?

Online registration starts 6 weeks before the season. Onsite registration is 3 weeks before the season. The 4 week Summer registration begins in mid May.

Is my child old enough to play?

  • 2013 Spring Season: must be 4 years old by 2/1/2013.
  • 2013 Fall Season: must be 4 years old by 8/1/2013.
  • How much does it cost to play?

  • U5/U6: $60.00
    U7/U8: $85.00
    Level 2: $100.00
    Classic: U11 - U14 $135.00
                 U16 - U18 $150.00
    *$5 processing fee for onsite registration.
    *$15 fee for late registrations.

  • UNIFORM KITS, if needed*
  • Level 1 (2 shirts,1 short,1 pair of socks): $25
    Level 2 (2 shirts,1 short,1 pair of socks): $40
    Level 3 'Classic' (2 shirts,2 shorts,2 pair of socks): $150 (approx)
    *Kits may be reused for successive seasons if they fit and are presentable. For Level 2 and Classic teams, uniform vendors change their supply every couple years and we must order new kits.

  • Tournament fees (for Level 2 and Classic only) ~$25 per player per tournament.
    Other - travel, practice clothes, cleats, shin guards, ball, water bottle, etc.

    What is the difference between Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 "Classic" teams?

  • Level 1 play other BSC teams. Players 4-9 years old. Age based team divisions (u5, u6, u8, u10). 8 games per season.
  • Level 2 play other BSC teams, nearby clubs, and in local tournaments. Players 7-17 years old. Age based team divisions (u8, u10, u12, u13, etc.). 12+ games per season.
  • Level 3 or 'Classic Teams' play other BSC teams, other statewide clubs, and local and multistate tourneys. Players 11-17 years old. 15+ classic games per season. Please see our Classic teams page for more details.
  • What about practices?

    Practices are scheduled by the coach/team. Depending on the Level, teams practice 1 to 3 times per week. Most likely they will be at Midland, Collegeville, or substitute location.

    When and where are games?

    Games for Level 1 are at Midland fields on Saturdays between 9a-3p. Games last about 1 hour. Level 2 and Classic games can be any day of the week. Home games at Midland fields. Away games are at the home teams' park.

    Classic teams will play in out of state tournaments.

    Can I request a certain coach?

    Teams are formed by the guidelines from the Arkansas State Soccer Association. Parents can request a coach, but we cannot make any guarantees.

    When will I hear from the coach?

    You should hear from your teams coach approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the first game.

    When will we receive a schedule?

    Schedules are posted on the website the week prior to games starting. The entire season will be posted at that time. You can also see schedules on our Calendar.

    Is the club leadership paid?

    The President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Referee Coordinator, Fields Coordinator, Director of Coaching, and Webmaster are volunteer positions. The Administrative Assistant, Registrar, Skills Trainers, and Sponsorship Coordinator are paid positions.

    How can I help?

    We are always seeking the following volunteer positions.
  • Voting members: Attend the Board and Member meetings, see 'Calendar'.
  • Coaches: Soccer experience preferred, Background check required.
  • Field and Equipment Coordinator: Schedule upkeep, repairs, and maintenance.
  • Field Marshalls: Rotate attendance at Midland fields to oversee Saturday activities.
  • Photographers: Take action shots of soccer games for posting online.
  • Website Content Editor: Review the website for grammatical and factual.
  • Sponsors / Donation: Help us gather sponsors and partners for our club.
  • Concession Stand Coordinators: Help on Saturdays running the concession stand.
  • Help build a better club for you and your child, contact us using our contact us page today.